Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The incident with the bus...

Reese rode the bus to and from school last year, but since I have take Rayna to preschool on the base this year, I drop them both off to school and Reese takes the bus home.

The 2nd day of school however, Reese rode the bus to and from school and as I was kissing her goodbye before she boarded her bus, I said, JOKINGLY, "Ok, Boogie, see you after school, Don't get on the WRONG BUS - Hahaha" She laughed and boarded the bus...

Fast forward to 3:45pm...Rayna, Zeke and I walk across the street to the pick up spot on the corner and wait...and wait...and wait...the bus seems awfully late today...

And I start to panic a little...Was this a minimum day? Did I miss a call saying they got out at 1:30pm today and my Reese is sitting in the office waiting for me?

Then my cell phone RINGS...

Me: Hello???
Bus Manager: Hi, Mrs. Aaron?
Me: YES!!! Oh my goodness, was it a minimum day???!!!
Bus Manager: No, I'm afraid I put your daughter on the wrong bus...I'm SO SORRY
Me:.....(trying to remain calm)
Bus Manager: There was some discrepancy about which bus she should get on...her pass said she was supposed to go to the CDC (Child Development Center on base - afterschool care), but she said she was supposed to get on Bus #4. So, we sent her to the CDC because we knew she'd be fine there until we sorted this out.
Me: (a tiny bit annoyed, but more thankful that she's safe) Ok, I'm on my way.
Bus Manager: I'm SO sorry, this will never happen again! There are always a few blips at the beginning of the year.

So...I RACED back to the house, dropped Zeke off, and Rayna and I zoomed to the base's after school care center to pick up Reese.

When we got there, Reese was enjoying a snack with her friends from school and a bit bummed that I came to take her home.

Alls well that ends well. :-)

On the way home, Reese said, "Mommy, I TOLD them I was supposed to get on bus #4, but they didn't listen...and when I was on the bus to the CDC, I kept hearing your voice in the back of my head saying, "DON'T GET ON THE WRONG BUS"!

Hahaha - Well, Praise the Lord for keeping my baby...I know she's HIS baby too and I am grateful that when I'm not there, He is always there and I'm grateful that when I'm not there, my voice is still in the back of her head telling her what she should and shouldn't be doing!

Here are some pictures of Reese getting home on the RIGHT bus! Pretty fancy buses huh?

Reese's Soccer Try-out!

Saturday, the 6 and 7 year olds had Soccer Try outs at 9am on the base! (The 3-5 year olds (Rayna and dem) don't have try outs, or games...they just practice and hone their skills for when they are of age...)

Reese was VERY excited (and a little bit nervous)...this is her first team sport! $30 gets you a full uniform, 9 games, a trophy and an end of the season pizza party! Not bad!!!

So, Saturday...

First, the kids lined up and had to kick the ball through the obstacle course to show how well they could manage the ball...

Then they had to kick the ball through the goal (with a goalie blocking)...

Then they had to pair up and pass the ball back and forth...

I know I'm biased, but my Baby looks pretty good!

The coaches watched and took notes...and prepared to sort the teams so that there would be a fair assortment of talent (and um...freshness) on each team. We should get a call this week.

Practices begin next week...first game is October 2nd!!!

Rayna's 1st day of school!!!

On Monday, we got up bright and early because there were TWO little girls getting ready for school!! Today Rayna began preschool in the base's Spanish Immersion program.

And here's the preschool on the base...

From 9am to 12:15pm, Monday - Friday, she and her classmates will learn, play, and eat lunch in SPANISH!

There was an Orientation last Friday for Rayna and I and we met her teachers. They gave us a huge packet of information with vocabulary words, preschool songs, and daily schedules - all in Spanish...hopefully Rayna will be able to teach ME some of what she learns!

Rayna was PUMPED!

No nervous or anxious tears on the first day of school...she and her Hello Kitty backpack waved goodbye and didn't look back!

When we arrived, they were playing with GREEN PLAYDOH! Rayna's favorite thing!

I couldn't wait to pick her up and hear all about her day! She reported that they sat on the rug and sang, they painted pictures, they went outside to play, and ate pasta, veggies and applesauce for lunch!

Here she is after day 1 - "Hold your applause, yes, I just finished my first day, thank you, thank you!"

Hooray for school!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

In the meanwhile...

So, while Reese is enjoying 2nd Grade, Rayna, who will attend preschool in town, has been waiting VERY patiently for her turn. She starts school September 10th.

She has her new shoes all ready to go...

And she has been working on writing her name nice and neat, cutting and pasting, reading CLIFFORD stories at the library... and playing with Zeke of course...

Her favorite part of the day though..is when we walk to pick up Reese from the bus stop!

Don't worry little Bumblebee! You're next!

2nd Grade!!!

The first day of school at DGF is QUITE a big deal!

The Friday before school began, they posted the class assignments on the board outside of the library at the school; so we knew Reese was in Ms. Boswell's class...we just didn't have a clue who Ms. Boswell was. So we were very excited to meet her on the 1st day of school.

Daddy was in the states for a class and visiting Nana and the Detroit family, so the girls and I got up bright and early and after breakfast, headed off to the base.

We all met in the Multipurpose room where all of the teachers held signs with their name and the children hugged and giggled and stood with the rest of their new classmates. (Here is Ms. Boswell greeting her students.)

Thankfully, the PTA (God bless them) provided coffee, fruit and pastries and we all awaited the arrival of the Commanding Officer of the base to kick off the beginning of the year. (Here's Ray waiting patiently with her CHOCOLATE donut)...

The Principal, Mrs. Simmons began welcoming the returning and new families and then turned the mic over to the CO who also gave a welcome and led the Pledge of Allegiance. (The CO is below in the Khakis, the XO is in the middle and the CMC is on the far right end).

The teachers then took the students to their classrooms while the parents (and younger siblings) were offered seminars such as, "Talking so your child will listen" and "Raising a reader".

Open Houses was held hourly depending on the grade level and Rayna and I attended Reese's Open House at 10:30am. Ms. Boswell is lovely...this is her 16th year teaching at DGF Rota Elementary school... and gave a nice presentation about her expectations for the class, and an overview of the curriculum they would cover this year.

2nd Grade is on the 2nd floor of the elementary school and everything looks so grown up...no more ABC's covering the wall or bright colorful Spelling Word charts...

In 2nd Grade, there were MATH charts and SCIENCE posters...and replacing the little desks with the opening were BIG KID tables and you had to take your stuff to the LOCKERS....(here's Reese showing Rayna around her new domain.)

It's all VERY exciting!

After Open House, families were invited to stick around for a picnic lunch..... and then the children were whisked back to their class for closing remarks, supply lists, and then walked out to the buses/parent pick up area for the end of the day! (Here's Reese RUNNING to her SISSY after school!) Sisters are awesome! And so is 2nd Grade!

Last days of summer...

Dear R&R,

The summer FLEW by so fast!

But OH, what fun we had!

Playing in the waves and sun!

Yet school is not so bad...

One more day to hit the beach so out the door for fun!

One more day to splash and sun, then off to school we run!

love, Mommy