Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rota Ferias


After Reese's baptism, we took a family trip to Rota's Feria! R&R were BESIDES themselves with excitement. These two little girls LOVE to play dress up!

Leaving the house...
I have a shot like this from last year...except I think the girls were HALF this size!!!

And arriving to Feria!

Had to grab this shot of Grampy sketching with his fan club looking on! :-)

This ride gave me whiplash!

Granny and the girls...

...and on another night in Rota, I went with the big girls!

My favorite thing about these dresses is that there is a built-in purse underneath so you can zip up all your necessities (keys, phone, lipstick!) without having to have anything in your hands!


Reese's Baptism/Mother's day

So, Mother's day was amazing for many, many reasons this year! Number one, Reese was getting baptized!!!

She asked to be baptized and take part in the Communion services a few months ago. So, Johann and I talked to her about the sacraments, and when she had a good understanding about what they meant and why we do them and could explain for herself what they meant to her; we talked to our Pastor and Chaplain and they arranged for her baptism.

And, as if this couldn't have been any more special; Granny and Grampy were in town from California to witness AND it was Mother's day!

Here are some pictures of this momentous occasion! Congratulations Reese for following in the footsteps of Jesus. My prayer for you is that this is just the beginning of your discipleship and that your heart will always follow after our Father!

"Go ye therefore and teach all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the ends of the world. Amen." Matthew 28:19-20

Baptismal Pool at Naval Base - Rota Spain!

Reese Allyson so excited!!!

Elder Lindsey and Chaplain Wilson with Reese during confirmation...

"Wade in the Water"

"I now baptize you..."

And in His remembrance...the Communion Table...

Reese's 1st Communion!

With our pastor, Elder Lindsey and his beautiful wife, LaPora!

w/ Chaplain Wilson who was performing her last military service today. She retired this past month! Congratulations Chaplain Wilson! We miss you!

Granny and Grampy!!!!

So, the months turned to weeks and the weeks to days and the days to hours...and FINALLY it was time to pick up Granny and Grampy from the airport!!!

Excitement was in the air!!

We got there just in time for the flight's arrival only to be told that due to the storm in Madrid, the flight was delayed. So, we went upstairs to the lounge...had some snacks...and waited and waited...and waited...

FINALLY...the plane landed!!!

There's Grampy!!!

Ok, where are they now?!!!!

Baggage can't take that long!!!

YAY!!! There they are!!! Hooray, Hooray!!!


Welcome to Spain, Granny and Grampy.

We sure missed you!

Feria preparations...

So...Feria's coming...and we're almost ready!!!

Ray's accessories...


their dresses!!!

and Mommy's!!!!!


Castillo de San Marco

Our friend Sasha invited us to her promotion to Lieutenant which was being held at the Castle in El Puerto de Santa Maria (where we live)...El Castillo de San Marco.

We were excited for our friend, and also excited to finally get to check out the castle that we'd visited so often and never got to see (because it's ALWAYS closed).

Those nurse's sure know how to party! The evening began with a tour of the castle grounds and appetizers and sherry wine. And then concluded with dinner in the castle wine seller.

Only in Spain!!!

Ballet pix

R&R's ballet class posed for pictures in advance of the upcoming recital a few weeks are some shots I snuck with MY camera!

My silly, beautiful girls!

Easter 2011

It's very clear that we've been in Spain over a year now because events are beginning to repeat themselves...

The "Eggstravaganza" Easter Egg Hunt on the base for instance!

It was fun to go again this year and retrace our footsteps from one of the first events we participated upon our arrival to Spain last year. Same fun, bigger girls...:-/ not sure how i feel about that...

Face painting...

Posing with the Easter Bunny...

And hunting eggs!!!

My favorite thing about looking at these pictures though, is seeing in this past year how close R&R have become...from merely sisters, to best of friends! LOVE watching these two together!

Good times!