Monday, July 25, 2011

Hasta Luego

And sadly the time came for Mom and Dad (Granny and Grampy) to go back home.

Before they left though, Dad made a homemade apple pie!!! AND we took one last trip into Rota.

Mom and Dad in the famous Rota Arch!

And posing in front of the castle in Rota!

Hasta Luego Mom and Dad!!!

Career Day!!

My Dad was invited by Reese's class to share about his job as an artist! The kids were SO excited! Ms. Boswell had the students "Google" him in advance of his visit so all of the children were giddy to meet the guy who worked on all the Disney movies!

"Reese's Grandpa is FAMOUS," they all said!

Rayna got to skip her class to participate in the day and what a treat it was!

Grampy spoke to the kids about shapes and turning those shapes into things! He told and illustrated well known stories for them (Jack and Jill and the Three Little Pigs) and he was a HUGE hit! He then walked around to help each of the kids with their own drawings! They were all smiling like Cheshire Cats by the end of the day!

I am sure DGF Elementary school will never be the same!


We drove up to Granada for the weekend with Mom, Dad and our good friends, the Smiths. What a wonderful city filled with all our favorite things - great food, beautiful architecture, SHOPPING, and what can I say about the Alhambra!!!

Definitely going back to Granada someday!

(Mom and Dad in downtown Granada)

(Bullring in Granada. Strangely, Oktoberfest was being held inside! We had a ball eating huge turkeylegs and listening to German folk songs! Johann even got some souvenir beer guzzlers! Great time!)

The Cathedral - my favorite in Spain (so far)...

Back to Seville

So, Johann got off work early to take us all to Sevilla for the day.

We toured the beautiful cathedral...and even got Mom to go all the way to the top of the Giralda...

Unfortunately, once we got down, she must have been pretty tired because she had a little spill crossing the street and twisted her ankle. :-(

Yo had to get the car to come pick her up because she couldn't walk on it, but she DID manage to hobble into a hat store on our way out of town to pick up a gorgeous hat she saw on her way into the city!

Ah, Sevilla...