Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rota Ferias


After Reese's baptism, we took a family trip to Rota's Feria! R&R were BESIDES themselves with excitement. These two little girls LOVE to play dress up!

Leaving the house...
I have a shot like this from last year...except I think the girls were HALF this size!!!

And arriving to Feria!

Had to grab this shot of Grampy sketching with his fan club looking on! :-)

This ride gave me whiplash!

Granny and the girls...

...and on another night in Rota, I went with the big girls!

My favorite thing about these dresses is that there is a built-in purse underneath so you can zip up all your necessities (keys, phone, lipstick!) without having to have anything in your hands!


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  1. u look beautiful liss...and tht is a cool idea with the purse...i like it!