Sunday, June 13, 2010

Household Goods are HERE!!!

After almost 3 months in Spain, our household goods have finally arrived!!!

There were 6 giant crates and 4 smaller truck sized boxes...what in the WORLD was I thinking bringing all this stuff? Particularly all these kitchen appliances that can only work with 120 voltage... Ay yi yi!

There were 5 men bringing boxes in and you should have seen their faces every time we'd send them up to Las Ninas room - ay yi yi! Those little girls have WAY too much stuff! And climbing 4 flights of stairs...and these boxes were HEAVY - those men probably thought we were ALL nuts!

Well, better them than me!

But, YAY!!! The girls were SO excited - it was like Christmas all over again! I finished unpacking and setting up their playroom first (to keep them busy while I tackled the rest of the house). They loved it and are still having a ball in there!

The men assembled our beds, put our dressers back together, but left the rest of the unpacking to me.

It's still a work in progress...

The girls are sharing a room - they wanted BUNK BEDS!!! And since Spanish rooms are a bit smaller than typical American size bedrooms, only the bed and 1 dresser fit in their all their toys, books, dress up clothes, etc. had to go into the 3rd floor attic which we converted into a playroom.

My office is on the 2nd floor next to the girls' room. Johann and my bedroom is across the hall. Johann has a "mancave" in the basement. And there is a guest suite down there there as well.

The movers came back a week later to pick up the empty boxes and things are JUST about put together...

There's still some work to be done...

What was I THINKING bringing all this stuff to Spain?!!!

Now on to the rest of the house...

Ay yi yi!!!


  1. wow!!! what a job. this job should charge around 25 USD, an hour...lmbo! im glad u r calm in these pics, cuz your work load looks crazy! i like how u have a play room for them, that must be nice. aret they enjoying it?

  2. Nice to have your stuff I am sure :-)

  3. Melissa, Melissa, have you learned NOTHING from our 25 year friendship??? PURGE, my friend, PURGE!!! Anyway, your house looks GORGEOUS. I love the wood floors, I love the cool wall cutouts and trim. It looks so nice!!!

  4. Kerry - I know, it's a sickness...and the really sad thing is...I DID purge and have a huge yard sale AND give away a ton of stuff, and put another ton of stuff in storage and I STILL have too much stuff - LOL!

    Also, the only wood floor is in the girls playroom. The rest of the house is hard, cold, (but pretty) marble...which has been a HUGE blessing with potty training Zeke!.

    I'll post more pix of the house once it's ALL put together.