Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Garden

After church on Sunday, we went to Vivero's - El Puerto de Santa Maria's famous gardening store.

Spain is known for its' flower gardens and patios filled with potted plants and flowers. Even homes without backyards or gardens have lovely potted flowers on their balconies and/or window panes.

So, when in Spain...

We bought tools, pots, flowers, mulch...

Here's before...

And after!!!

I love my new garden!


  1. Love the garden, love the puppy, love the exotic trips- it really looks like your life is so full in Spain, I'm so glad you're happy and well :) (Although we miss you in Cali!)

  2. i never knw u liked! what an experience. im so glad u r allowing the new way of life bring u into new experiences. i knw the kids would love it, ive never enjoyed gardening, ... u knw me, no dirt! pitiful...huh? anyway im luving it watching someone else do it,hahah. have fun, and little zeke is so cute..

  3. I luv the picture of u and rayna..preparing the soil, and then the finished product...very nice. then i like the picture of reese playing with zeke. miss u guys, but im happy the same time... luv u all

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Susan - I really do feel so happy and blessed to be here!