Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas is coming!!! So much is going on! Johann and I have been to THREE Christmas parties in the last 2 weeks!

The first was the Chief's Christmas party...

While we were there, the Bienvenue's babysat R&R and took them to the base for the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. And Santa Claus flew in on a helicopter for the occasion! R&R were very impressed.

R&R and Vlad in front of the newly lit Christmas tree on base...this picture also made the Coastline (our base newspaper)!

The next morning, the girls and I took Zeke to the Jingle Bells Pet Walk on the base and Zeke got to meet Santa and got some special treats for showing his elves that he was on the good list...he "sat", "laid down" and "shook hands." The elves were very impressed and I was pretty proud!

Last night Johann and I went to his command Christmas party at the Hotel de la Luz on the beach. It was a beautiful hotel and a really nice night.

Johann DJed...

... and I partied! :-)

It's been a busy December, but we are not nearly done yet...The girls are practicing for the Chapel Christmas play next week, so stay tuned for a post and pictures on that. And they both have field trips this week at their schools for Christmas programs in town! We are definitely on the go!

Also, stay tuned for pictures of our Christmas tree. We must have mistakenly sent our old tree decorations to storage because they are, I am having to improvise and pick up things here and there...I'll post when it's done..hopefully, prior to the 25th of December!


  1. Thanks for sharing and giving us a look at Christmas, holidays in Spain. I love both of your dresses for the Christmas parties you had to attend.

  2. that looks like u had so much fun, liss. u look so pretty in those pictures. johann looks good also. I want to wish R&R and U and Johann a very,very Merry Christmas. i miss and luv u guys!!! have a wonderful time and be careful.

  3. oh by the way, tell my nephew he looks good up there DJing...