Saturday, December 11, 2010


We have so much to be thankful for...

Last year Johann was in Bahrain for Thanksgiving and this year we are all together! And while we are far, far away from our biological families in the states, we have been blessed with a wonderful surrogate family of new friends here in Spain with whom we shared Thanksgiving this year.

R&R had Thanksgiving feasts at their schools...

Rayna's class dressed as Fall leaves and paraded through the halls of the school before sitting down to a Turkey, mashed potatoes, and PIE lunch with parents...

Reese's class did a potluck and also invited the parents! We talked a lot about how much we have to thank God for each day and how Thanksgiving was a special day of giving Thanks!

On Thanksgiving day, we all met at Anna and David's house and each family brought their specialties/favorites. I made 2 trays of Mac n' Cheese, green beans with potatoes and smoked turkey, Johann fried 4 Turkeys over the weekend, only one of which made it to this table...I made 2 trays of cheesecake and a peach cobbler!

Everything was delicious and the company was amazing.

So, SO very blessed are we!

(left to right, Alex and Lorisha, Brian and Natalie, David and Anna, Eric and Carrie, Johann and I, Colton.)

and the kids table... R&R, Casey and Vladimir.

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