Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last days in DC!

The last few days were a whirlwind as I tried to call the Dover terminal for a return flight to Spain...

Asher's "Dance" birthday party on Saturday was a big hit and all the kids had a blast.

Sunday we went to church and then to IHOP! Which I was very excited about, since the Spanish don't eat American style breakfast! And the girls and I were missing good old American pancakes!

(Mom and the girls posing in IHOP)

(Me and las ninas)

Monday, I took the girls to the Air and Space Museum...

Reese won a Paper Airplane contest!

She was a little excited...

Rayna posed with Bessie Coleman!
The girls w/ Amelia Earhart!

Here they are with the Space Explorer and the actual spacesuits from Apollo 11!

Ice cream from the huge McD's inside the museum...

And of course we had to visit the Navy Flight Deck and pay homage to Daddy's Aircraft carrier!

"Reese Aaron Arriving"

And Tuesday my mom drove the girls and I back to Dover, Delaware for our flight home (which didn't actually take place until Wednesday at midnight), but which afforded us a fun girls night exploring Dover, eating at Olive Garden (another Americanism we'd missed) and shopping at Target!

Thanks Kay and Asher for hosting us and Mom for driving us back!

We had SO much fun!

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