Friday, September 9, 2011

Circus and San Diego

As if we weren't having ENOUGH fun, Daddy who was traveling for work, arranged to stop in LA for a week to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary AND to try to help us get back to Spain, as we'd been calling for flights back for upward of 3 weeks and it wasn't looking good.

In the meanwhile, Ringling Bros. was in town and we saw a wonderful show!

We went to Moreno Valley to celebrate Ms. Casuandra's birthday with the Landry's and Aunt Thelma!

Then drove down to San Diego to Sea World where the girls got to pet a dolphin and we sat in the front row to see Shamu. Had it not been for our Soakers we would have had to SWIM out of the stadium...I am not exaggerating when I say there were GALLONS of water poured on us REPEATEDLY!!!
Hiding in the soaker...Rayna is NOT happy about the prospect of getting wet!

In the polar bear caves! Brrrrr :-)

And we stayed in the beautiful Marriott Marina hotel overlooking Coronado Island.

Happy 11th anniversary Honey!! View from our hotel room and our requisite "one-arm-shot" photo :-)

And my delay getting back to Spain worked out really well, as we were able to stay long enough to hang out with Mom and Dad a bit longer and all the way up to Dad's surgery before Johann drove the girls and I up the 5 to Travis AFB for the flight home. Our cousins, Baby Sister and Curtis hosted us for the weekend while we waited for the flight on Sunday morning. I have to say, our Heavenly Father worked everything out beautifully. And we all got back home safely, including Dad.

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  1. dolphins...huh? im so glad u guys had so much fun...i so much enjoyed spending almost all of those 104 days of summer with u...