Friday, September 9, 2011

Making up for lost time...

So the rest of the school year flew by in a flash...

R&R (and I) performed in the Spring Dance recital on base. The girls danced to "The Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas...

And I danced to "Moon River" from Barbara Streisand from Breakfast at Tiffany's. The show was movie themed and had dances to The Pink Panther, Singin' in the Rain, etc. It was fabulously orchestrated by our favorite dance teacher ever, Ms. Joy who sadly (for us, not her) moved back to the states and is expecting a little girl (to join her two cutie pie boys).

After the recital, the girls finished up their school year and we hit summer HARD!! Swimming at the pool everyday after Daddy came home from work and just enjoying Spain for a few weeks all the while calling the air terminal each day for information on a trip to California.

We even got to see Miss America and Miss Teen USA at the NEX before we left.

And yes, leave we did...Lucky for us, there was a heliocopter that needed to get back to LAS VEGAS, so instead of having to fly to Travis AFB, (7 hours away from Granny and Grampy) we got to go to Vegas (3 1/2 hours away).

We went from Rota to Dover, Delaware - disembarked, checked through customs and quickly boarded back onto the plane to Vegas. This plane was a C-17 and so the passenger seats were "jump seats" along the side of the aircraft...and there was a HUGE heliocopter strapped to the middle of the plane...with a sign that said, "Gas in Tanks" in the window...this did NOT make me feel warm and fuzzy. To further my stress levels, once we got to cruising altitude, the crew encouraged everyone (there were 14 of us flying) to "get comfortable", ie. get out of your seats(belts), make a pallet on the floor and go to sleep...R&R did just that and were snoozing in seconds...I on the other hand was a little freaked out by all the possibilities for disaster and stayed wide awake watching to make sure that the helio didn't want to take a spin around the aircraft and that my children, happily snoozing underneath said helio didn't go flying around the plane if we hit some turbulence...which we didn't..but still.

We landed in Vegas and Granny was still in Los Angeles, so I called my cousin Tamaya who lives there and she picked up up and we had a ball catching up and letting the cousins meet for the first time (R&R and her three children, Ahzane, Lazaye, and Tommy). Mom got there around 8pm and after pizza for dinner, we got on the 15 south and headed to San Dimas!!!

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