Friday, July 2, 2010

Reese's Last Day of School

Time is moving so quickly! Reese's last day of school was Friday, June 25th. She made a wonderful transition to her new school, made friends quickly and enjoyed her teacher.

I am so proud of her as she finished the year doing two digit adding and subtracting (ie. 65-24=41), writing book reports and reading at a 3rd grade level!

Reese of course was looking forward to the end of the year so she could sleep in and hang out with Mommy "like Rayna" (which was her daily morning complaint). :-)

So, on the last day, Mrs. Sweeney invited the parents to come see all that they had been up to and it was a real treat!

The children each presented their own Power Point science presentations that they had teamed up with 5th graders to make. Reese's presentation was on Obsidian Rock and she did a wonderful job.

They then took us into the hall to display their sea creature book reports and Reese gave another oral presentation on her report of Barnacles!

I couldn't have been more proud! Wasn't she just in my belly 5 minutes ago???

Rayna too was excited to be hanging out at her big sister's school!

And since we started the school year in Spain at Pizza Villa, we decided to have our end of the year lunch there too and Daddy was able to meet us for lunch and a trip to Baskin and Robbins afterward!

Congratulations Boogie Bear - you're on to the 2nd Grade!


  1. that was so awesome! liss please tell my Reese-poo, im so very proud of her, and she needs to write auntie Dawn a letter. she is such a big girl now. i luv u guys!

  2. how very sweet. i am very proud of your little lady. she is a SUPERSTAR!!!! would love to have an address to write to you all since the skpying thing probably WILL NEVER HAPPEN lol

  3. WOW!! I'm totally impressed...and realizing that my kids MIGHT be missing out on some education here in Ole Glory (as you so aptly call it :)