Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of Summer Parties

This past week, the base chapel hosted Vacation Bible School and it was awesome! The girls had a ball!

It was Monday through Friday from 9am - 12pm.

Each day the kids (about 100 of them) met in the chapel to get their mission for the day (the theme was Galactic Praise), then got sent out to 25 minute sections each of: music (singing and dancing), recreation (outdoor play), science experiments, arts and crafts, a bible lesson and snacks!
Friday (the last day), each of the classes performed their favorite song for the parents in the chapel complete with choreography! It was great... then we broke for an ice cream party!Rayna is NOT excited about the ice cream party because she is allergic and they didn't have we went for pizza as a special treat for her. (*See her pouting above.) LOL!

Good times!

Also, the base's library hosted a summer reading program which met each Monday for stories and arts and crafts. We are book worms in this house, so we LOVED the reading program which gave us an excuse to read and read and read all summer long.

Thursday afternoon, the library hosted a party for the summer readers at the bowling alley and the kids got to bowl, eat pizza, cake and they got awards and prizes.

We love Naval Station Rota!

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  1. awesome girls... im so proud of u guys.. keep up the reading..auntie has been reading too, whew!! good stuff. I luv u!!