Monday, August 16, 2010

Perfect Paris (part one)

***Disclaimer - There's some shenanigans going on with the formatting of this post and I may or may not get around to fixing, please pretend it's fine. Thank you - The Management.

So, for our 10th anniversary, Johann took the girls and I to Paris, France! It was a fun-filled, action-packed, calorie-ridden week of fun!

Here's a day by day of our trip!

Tuesday – August 10, 2010

We arrived in Paris at 9am and went to our hotel. Our room wasn't ready yet, but they took our bags and we left to start our day.

First stop - Breakfast at La Rotunde cafe in Port 'd Orleans where we ate practically every morning.

Cafe au lait for Johann and I, tea and hot chocolate for R&R - pain au chocolate all around! The

weather was great for all the walking we did...about 77 F - not to hot, not too cold!

Metro to Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower and ride the carousel

A walk along the Seine and a stop by Musee d'Ete (We didn't actually go INTO the museum, but we walked around the beautiful exterior and tribute to summer and gardens.)

Metro to Cite - We walked around the Latin Quarter saw the Hotel de Ville and ate CREPES!!! 1 Ham, cheese and egg & 1 nutella crepe

Notre Dame Cathedral (R&R HAD to light a candle...everyone ELSE is doing it...)

Jardin du Luxembourg w/ children's playground (We loved (and took advantage of) all the gardens and parks in Paris...such a great place for children.) Notice the look of terror on Rayna's face as she flies around on that swing...she rode it 2 more times!) and the mini Statue of Liberty!

Back to hotel to order a pizza and CRASH - what a day!!! (zzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Day 2 - Wednesday – August 11, 2010

Metro to Charles de Gaulle - Etoile to see the Arc de Triumph

Lunch at Café George V on Champs Elysee -

Plat du Fromage

Beouf Bourgenon

Stroll along the Champs Elysee to Musee Louvre ( Cartier, other ridiculously expensive stores...$1500 shoes)

Concorde Obelisk/Fountains/Madeline (still along the way to the Louvre)

Jardin du Tulleries (still Louvre bound)

Carnival in Tulleries (Daddy and Reese on the Air Whip! Rayna on yet another carousel...and lots and lots of candy! - next stop...FINALLY...the Louvre starring Mona Lisa!)

To be continued...


  1. okay...the first picture of the girls, i luv how rayna is looking..'whatcha talking about reese'(in arnold's voice). and then i luv the picture of liss, that is a pretty picture of u.. then of johann and the girls are very nice...the picture of rayna on the swing is! the posed pictures of rayna at the poster, and reese at the statue of liberty is real cute...i am so glad to see the pictures of part! cant wait for part 2. u guys had so much fun im so glad u made it home safely. luv u guys!!

  2. Melissa, you look sooo happy! I'm sorry I missed your call. I saved your vm. The whole family looks great!! Yes, we are talking about a trip. I can only hope that you will still be there. Keep in touch. I miss you too!!