Sunday, August 22, 2010

Montmarte/Sacre Coeur

On our last day in Paris, we went to our favorite cafe for breakfast, said goodbye to our little waiter and took the metro to Anvers to walk up the stairs to Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Cathedral)and Montmarte (the artists village).

The metro station let us out into the bustling streets of rue Pigalle and as we turned the cobbled stone streets, there on the hill ahead stood the stunning Sacre Coeur.

We took the stairs (past another carousel that we promised we MIGHT visit on the way back down) and Reese about gave me a heart attack as I turned to see her climbing the wall...GET DOWN!!!

Well...ok, sit there for a quick picture, but hold onto me and then GET DOWN!

After touring the church we walked through Montmarte's winding streets, enjoying the artists displays and the smell of fresh crepes and paninis from the street cafes.

There was a little storm brewing so we ducked into the cafe Le Mere Catherine for lunch and waited out the rain. We were SO glad we did because the food was excellent...Johann ordered a cheese platter - Camembert, Blue Cheese, Brie, Swiss, Roquefort...

Reese about threw up when she got a taste of the blue cheese and has vowed to never eat blue cheese again.

I ordered Escargot, because we were in Paris for Pete's sake......and Johann got the most delicious bowl of mussels and fries...

We topped it all off with creme brulee ...and a delicious wine that we also ordered another bottle of to take home as a souvenir.

The rain ended along with our meal and we went back for one last stroll down the Champs Elysee before heading back to the hotel for our luggage and the airport.

There couldn't have been a better vacation for our family! Of course now, the girls are all, "Can we go back to Paris?"...the other day, Rayna asked to go to Rome...sigh...3 year olds...


  1. very nice liss, i can see reese's face with the blue!! i would've also reese. anyhow that was so cool. how high was the wall that reese was on, is it the picture of her leaning over? anyhow nice picture of the two of u at the end. it looks and sounds as if u guys had a marvelous time. welcome home.

  2. and u cant help but expect that from the girls.. this whole muve and everything im sure feels like to them a great big!! thats too funny. rayna i want to go to rome too year? lol!