Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Fun!

As R&R's birthdays are 8 days apart, we have been lucky to be able to celebrate their birthdays together for the last few years on the shared weekend in between.

The original plan was to have a swim party at our house, but as the birthday weekend drew nearer, the weather became cooler and we thought it safer (and MUCH less stressful) to have the girl's party at the bowling alley on base.

Not only was it less stressful, but the kids (and adults) had a ball! There is no Party City in Spain so I asked my mom to bring some Tiana gift bags, and some Pin the Tail games to help supplement the fun.

The festivities began at 3pm - the children (and their parents) all arrived promptly and began to bowl!

We broke for PIZZA ...

and then tried to pin the tail on the donkey and the nose on the clown...

And then it was time for CAKE!!! Chocolate for Rayna and Vanilla for Reese! Daddy decorated the girl's cakes.

Our dear friends spoiled Reese and Rayna with lovely gifts!

And then it was time for more bowling and DANCING!


  1. i luv the pics, R&R, it looks like u guys had fun on your bday...guess what, dawnie went bowling for her bday also. happy birthday girls and talk to u soon. luv you!

  2. i luv the colorful too-too's dance on my dancin' princesses!