Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sevilla revisited

As Granny and Val were still working on adrenelin, we figured we'd still strike while the iron was hot and drove to Sevilla on Saturday morning! Of course we went to the Cathdral first (after stopping to pick up some souvenirs), and then we went to visit the stunning Alcazar! (The Alcazar is the Spanish royal residence in Sevilla dating back centuries and still in use by the current King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia when they are in town).

It was our first time seeing the Alcazar and WOW...the Moorish architechture was gorgeous. We spent a lot of time in the rooms and as this was our second site, we were starting to get a little tired and hungry, so we didn't venture all the way into the beautiful gardens, but that just gives us an excuse to go back!

We ate dinner at an Irish Pub (go figure!) and then headed back home to bed so we could be ready for the girl's birthday party the next day!

Here are the pictures from Sevilla! (Including one of the girl's singing a choreographed Disney tune in the halls of the Alcazar! - only my girls!)

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  1. wow! that was beautiful! i would luv to see that. the gardens looks beautiful...