Monday, November 22, 2010

Cinderella Ball

This past Saturday, the base hosted a Father/Daughter Cinderella Ball! And Johann got to take our lovely ladies out on the town.

We love to dress up around here! So the girls were giddy with excitement about getting all dolled up. The invitation specifically says, Attire: Formal ~ Ball gowns and tiaras encouraged!

You don't have to tell US twice to put on a tiara or two!

Granny even got excited about the vision of her Spanish Grands and ran out at her lunch time to grab some fancy ball gowns for the girls and had them in the mail the very next day.

Rayna's dress came in 5 days!

Reese's still isn't here...tee hee :-)

But never fear! There is no shortage of ball appropriate attire in these girls' closets...

We spent ALL day doing hair (cause these girls have a LOT of hair)...and Johann snuck upstairs around 5 to get ready...

At 6pm...Johann presented the girls with their corsages...

They posed for pictures...

...and headed out the door to the base gym for the festivities!

There was a program...with cupcakes!!!

Special guests - Princess Tiana

And Cinderella and Prince Charming...

There was....


And a horse drawn carriage ride!!!

After the dance, Johann took them into Puerto for Tapas and dessert. I think he's setting the bar pretty high, which is just where it needs to be!

We keep this up, by prom time, we'll be OLD PROs!

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  1. OMGoodness...that was so beautiful. and u r right liss, nothing is too good for the girls...let them future son-in-laws knw how to treat them and for the girls to know or except anyless. R&R, u two look absolutely beautiful!!! i looks like u had lots of fun and daddy looks as handsome as can be. luv u guys!! thanks for sharing.