Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boogie's 8th Birthday

It doesn't seem possible that Reese Allyson Aaron is already 8 years old...she JUST GOT HERE!!!!!

But, it's beautiful baby girl is 8 years old. Miss Rzeznik was kind enough to let us bring in cake and juice boxes to share with her class and we got to see all the special things they do for birthday kids in third grade! Reese got to wear a sash, a tiara, and they decorated her chair...

Rayna got to come too and have some cake!

And then, that evening, she invited some friends over for an "intimate get-together" (slumber party) where they stayed up ALLLLLL night long, making crafts, eating all kinds of junk food, dancing, watching movies, and painting finger nails!

She also got a very special gift from the Smith family...

after which she fainted...soooo dramatic!

Happy Birthday Reese!

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