Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bumble's 5th Birthday!

So, turning 5 is a big deal! And when I asked Rayna what she wanted for her birthday, she said, without skipping a beat, "To stay up LATE, eat popcorn, and watch Phineas and Ferb!"

My girl, is easy to please!

In addition to our late movie night, we also celebrated a few times more!

I took a cake to her school to celebrate with her class!

I was also invited to come to their recess prior to sharing lunch with them! What fun!

Rayna was all over that playground! On the bikes, on the slides, on her purple dinosaur with her friends! Racing around, having the time of her life!

I also got to speak with her teachers who had so many stories to tell me about Rayna and how incredibly smart she is (she reads with amazing fluency), how funny she is (and has perfect comic timing), and how kind she is (and she loves to share and give hugs).

And then it was time to go in for lunch! The children eat family style and serve themselves! They practice sharing and passing the bowls of food to each other and ask for 2nds if they want. Really impressive 5 year olds!

After they finished lunch, they sang to Rayna and she blew her (imaginary) candles out (with some help from her friend).


And they brushed their teeth before singing their goodbye song...

Then they say goodbye to the well wisher who stands at the door while the children, one by one, choose if they want a "smile", "hi-five", or "hug" goodbye. Rayna was the well wisher the previous week! Here she is choosing a "hi-five" from her friend, Travis!

That evening, Ray opened her presents and we had dinner at our family's favorite restaurant in Puerto, Venta la Rufana (aka - Chicken in the Dirt).

On the phone with Granny and Grampy while opening presents from them...

Her favorite gift was the guitar from Johann and I. She plays it everyday!

The next morning, we were back up for churros and chocolate at La Ponderosa in Vista Hermosa before church...

and after church...ANOTHER surprise celebration!

What a weekend!!!
Happy Birthday Bumblebee!

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