Saturday, November 26, 2011

The First day of School

Once we were back in Spain, we had to switch gears quickly from our lazy mornings to very early mornings getting ready for the first day of school! Reese is going to the 3rd grade!!!

We are all so excited that she got Miss Rzeznik this year! Miss Rzeznik is also our neighbor (she lives 3 doors down from us) and is one of the best teachers at DGF (or so we heard! and lucky for us, have been able to confirm!!!) She IS pretty fabulous!

Here are some pictures of the family all bright eyed-bushy tailed on the first day of school (for Reese...Rayna's first day happened the following week).

The children all met in the auditorium and followed the sign to their teacher...

The Commanding Officer of the Base gave an address to the students, the Executive Officer rang the bell, officially starting the school year, they all said the pledge of allegiance and then were dismissed to their class! Below is Miss Rzeznik's class!

Reese is all thumbs up and ready!!!

Reese posing with her friend Samantha, who was also in her class last year.

And a quick hug from Sissy before she goes off to class!

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