Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blanca and Baseball

With PCS moves, the government allows you to ship one car from the states and so we shipped my little Mountaineer and agreed to buy, what's known as a "Rota beater" when we got to Spain. A "Rota Beater" is a small European Spec car that is bought and sold by Americans on base - handed down if you will - as people come and go.

There's a little Lemon Lot on base where people leaving park their cars with little (or big) price tags and the newbies (like us) drive thru the lot each day to see whats available.

We were blessed to have our Sponsor's car (who was still away in Training)for the first two and a half weeks we were here. But as he was due to return, our car was still crossing the Atlantic, and we didn't want to have to rent a car long term, we were fortunate to find our own little Rota Beater (pictured above), which Johann (who drives it, for the most part) has affectionately named "Blanca" - because its white, of course :-) .

Additionally, Johann has been recruited to play with his command's softball team. They have games weekly, usually on Fridays. Its been a fun way to spend Friday evening - cheering him (and his team mates) on against the other departments on the base.


  1. You go all the way to Spain to FINALLY go to a baseball game. LOL. Too funny. Looks like fun.

  2. Lol! some times it takes a muve for change to come... Go Team! make those runs my nephew!