Friday, May 21, 2010

Off we go...

So, the movers came and boxed everything that wasn't nailed to the floor. We gave them coffee and donuts in hopes that we gained their affection and they would be kind to our crystal and china.

We're STILL waiting for these things to arrive in Spain (2 months later) so I'm not sure if the extra treats worked...stay tuned.

Two weeks went by in a flash and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to all our family and friends.

It was a little tricky because for the most part, people were happy for us, but sad to see us go and it was challenging for us to express that while we would miss everyone too, we'd missed Johann so much (and he us) over the last year, that the opportunity to all be together again was all we were focused on (and the adventures awaiting us in Spain).

We did enjoy the time visiting on both sides of the families, also enjoying dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Downtown LA with my parents and the Rosemonds (including our godson whose birth we are anxiously awaiting!) on our last night in town

... and then up the next morning to my Dad's famous pancakes and hashbrowns before the LONG trip across the Atlantic.

Military members with PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders are allowed to have family members accompany them to the gate, so my parents and the Rosemonds were able to go with us all the way to the terminal at Ontario Airport and wait with us until our plane was ready.

We were a little nervous about the girls being able to sit still for so long, but they did SO well - supplied with their backpacks full of treats (a parting gift from their Granny and Grampy - with snacks, crayons, coloring/sticker books and DVDs.

We left Ontario Airport at 8am and got to Dallas around 6pm. R&R were excited to ride the "rollercoaster" (actually a train from the domestic to the international terminal.) We ate dinner there and then boarded the LONG flight into London. Thankfully, we kept the girls awake during the first leg of the trip and after about one movie (Cheetah Girls, of course), they were both sound asleep. They woke up just in time for breakfast before landing in London. But, as it was still about 3am Pacific Time, we were all pretty woosy.

At least the hard part (crossing the Atlantic) was over and we had only a few more hours to go! There was a very long line clearing customs and we worried we'd miss our flight to Madrid, but we made it to the Terminal just in time.

Madrid too went by in a flash and before we knew it we were on the short commuter flight from Madrid to Jerez (in Spanish it sounds like Her-eth) de la Frontera, which is the town about 20 minutes from the Base in Rota.

And FINALLY, we were here!


  1. how come i don't know about uncle ronnie's world famous pancakes??? really, i don't think i am related to you people LOL

  2. that was the best description i could have read, in a visual transmitted affect. i love it!