Monday, May 24, 2010

Temporary Housing

So, being in Spain is great and all, but living in a 400 square foot hotel room with two small children was starting to make us all go a little nuts. We met with the Housing Department on base and they told us that housing would not be available to us for about 3 weeks but that we could move into the Temporary Housing Units. So, we packed up and moved out.

Temporary Housing are designated units of the Housing community called Los Flores on base. They are cute townhome style places with 3 and 4 bedrooms.

The community of about 400 homes is also nicely situated so that there is a playground about every 200 or so feet in any direction you walk. And I am NOT exaggerating. It was heaven for the girls! We would go on a playground extravaganza - visiting no less than 5 playgrounds a day. And these playgrounds are awesome - slides, swings, teeter totters and stunning ocean views for the mommies being dragged from playground to playground.

And since the sun doesn't set over here till about 9:45pm, there was plenty of daylight for lots of fun!