Monday, May 24, 2010

Somebody's sleepin' in my bed...

Getting the girls to go to bed at a decent hour is a struggle in Spain since the sun NEVER sets. But, once they do go to bed (10ish), we're exhausted. So, one night after we'd been in Temp Housing for a few days, I'm downstairs watching CNN - trying to keep up with what's going on in the world...and Johann went upstairs to check on our sleeping princesses.

Then he comes FLYING down the stairs, eyes wild and grabbing the camera.

Johann: Babe!! COME ON, you've GOT to see this!

Me: (Tired, not really wanting to get up) What? Are the girls all snuggled together , or something? (Tuning back into CNN).

Johann: (Heading back up the stairs) Come on...

Me: (a little nervous)...What? A snake?!!! I'm not going up there...

Johann: ....

Me: WHAT?!!!

He starts dragging me up the stairs playing James Bond, hugging the walls and peeping around corners...

Me: There better not be a snake up here...

Johann: (stopping at the door to our bedroom) Look!

So, I take a peep...

Yep...there is a HUGE cat, not just IN our bed, but totally sprawled out, chillin in our bed, all in the covers, propped up on our pillows. Mind you, both of us are HIGHLY allergic to cats.

Me: (overcoming initial speechlessness) WHAT IN THE WORLD! How did he get in here! (then the giggles set in and I can't stop laughing).

Johann: (Putting the camera away and going all business) Ok, so, I'll scare him downstairs, you shoo him out the door.

Me: WHAT? No way! You're not shooing a scared cat at me! (me, picturing cat coming claws first down the stairs and at my face).

Johann: (advancing toward the cat, who has still not moved and is looking at US like what are WE doing there disturbing his nap). Ok, I'm going to flip the mattress, get ready. (He starts walking toward the cat who dashes under the bed...

Me: (Running down the stairs to open the front door and listening to shenanigans upstairs...nervous about the cat that is inevitably going to be running down the stairs at any moment)

Cat: MMMWWWWAAARRRRRRRRR!!! (Comes flying down the stairs and shoots past the door and me into the living room)

Johann comes down after it and finally gets it to go out the back screen door.

Me: (Going upstairs to strip the bed and wash sheets - the ONLY sheets we have since our shipment of things hadn't arrived yet). Well, could have been worse, right?

And in case you're wondering; after we got the cat out, we searched the rest of the house for other "animals", thinking maybe there was a whole family of cats in one of the closets or something...but no. He was the only one. The mystery is still out about how he got into our house/room/bed...but my money's on Rayna, who when we interrogated the girls in the morning answered as so:

Us: Rayna, did you see a cat last night?

Rayna: The black one?

Us: (Making eye contact with each other, silently confirming what we KNEW in our hearts) YES, RAYNA! The BLACK ONE! DID YOU LET IT IN?

Rayna: Huh? No, I didn't play with a cat.

Us: Sigh...


  1. i am rolling on the floor....and that is hard for me...but that is hilarious...make sure she makes no new friends with fur, or no!

  2. OMG I am laughing on the floor with tears.. too hilarious...