Monday, November 22, 2010

Princesses in the kitchen!

So, Auntie Val sent some goodies here as a 'Thank You' for hosting her visit to Spain and in the box-o-goodies were stickers, arts and crafts AND a "Cooking with Tiana" cookbook. (For those not up on Tiana, she is the newest Disney princess from last year's 'Princess and the Frog' movie.)

R&R have been watching P&theF in their usual rotation of their favorite movies, ( listening to the soundtrack in the car), and have been obsessed with all things New Orleans: Jazz, Mardi Gras, and especially, Beignets...

I guess they looked SO delicious in the movie that they HAD to be fiction along with the talking frogs...but no...I confirmed that not only was New Orleans a real place ...but Beignets are VERY, VERY real and soo soo delicious!

The girls are anxious to try the recipe for them in the book, but we started with a simple dinner.

Buford's Fish Fillets!

Rayna gave the tilapia a nice bath in the melted butter, lemon and egg wash...and Reese gave them a dip into the parmesan bread crumbs and spices!

And Voila!

Muy Delicioso!!!

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  1. they're getting heads up on their cooking skills, so they can cook for their!