Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zeke the Wonderdog!

So, Zeke is growing like crazy! He probably weighs about 60 lbs now...and is spoiled rotten...he will ONLY sleep on a blanket on the floor in our bedroom. Last night I took his old blanket out to wash it and he just paced and paced and paced until I gave him a new blanket to lay on.

Additionally, he has been VERY naughty...he has been DIGGING up my used to be flowers there...

and he and his little friend next door (Perdita - see her on the other side of the fence) have been demolishing the thatch fence that separates our homes.

Sigh...I tried googling reciepes for Chocolate Labrador Retriever but nothing really seemed appetizing... He might be good in a pasta...what do you think???

Here are the replacement flowers I'm going to plant...

Zeke, you BETTER not tear these up or you're in TROUBLE, BUSTER!!! Don't you give me those big brown eyes!!!

Oh, ok....We still love you Zekey!!!

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