Monday, November 8, 2010

Soccer is over!

The soccer season lasts 6 weeks for the kids here in Spain. It was pretty grueling though...Reese had practice on Mondays, and games on Wednesdays AND Saturdays. And Rayna had practices each Tuesday - so we were at the soccer field almost everyday for the last month and a half and we are POOPED!

But, what fun we had!

Rayna's practices were arranged so that every 15 minutes the groups of children rotated to different stations where they would learn to dribble the ball between cones, kick in straight lines, kick-pass, kick diagonally to partners (the parents), throw the ball in after a foul, and score goals with their POWERFUL super kick!

Reese's team, RED STORM...

... did a fantastic job and lost only one game, tied two games and won the rest!

Saturday was her last game (they tied 1-1). And the end of the season pizza party was held immediately after the game at Pizza Villa on the base.

The kids had a great time eating and playing together and then Coach Lamb passed out their trophies! He also made a little speech about each of the players and Reese was his "Most Improved" player!

I agree, Reese did become QUITE a soccer player over the last few weeks. Particularly since this is our first time playing soccer AND our first time with a team sport. Previously, Reese and Rayna were DANCERS (an arguably individual sport).

Rayna's end of the season pizza party followed at 2pm and she also got a trophy!

They were both VERY proud of themselves! They kept telling each other in the back seat, "This is my FIRST trophy!!!" And discussing where they'd put it in their room!

And since the weather was so nice, (and Daddy wanted to golf) I thought it would be a great day for the beach. Not hot enough for bathing suits, but PERFECT for lounging with a book while the girls played in the tide and collected sea shells!

Another perfect day in Spain!

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  1. congradulations my neices...auntie dawn is very proud of u! luv u and talk to u soon.