Sunday, April 17, 2011

Field Trip! Caballos y Abeja (Horses and Bees)

Being a Stay-at-home-Mom has been such a blessing. One of the many perks that I enjoy as a SAHM is being able to volunteer in Reese's classroom on Fridays and being available to chaperon field trips.

Last Thursday, the 2nd grade classes went on an all day field trip to the town of Jerez to two sites; the "Yeguada de la Cartuga" a stud (horse) farm, and to "Rancho Cortesano" a bee and honey farm/museum.

Yeguada de la Cartuga is where Carthusian thoroughbred horses are raised and we learned how the horses are cared for, bred, and trained. There were 300 horses on site. We also saw the veterinary clinic where they are operated on (if need be) and we saw a breathtaking horse show.

Next we traveled across town to Rancho Cortesano, a bee and honey museum. We learned about the life of bees, dressed in fabulous beekeeper uniforms, toured the bee hives (were surrounded by bees) and got to buy the most delicious, fresh and organic honey!

I have to admit, I was totally freaked out, but the kids did great! They were more fascinated by than afraid of the bees and I was totally impressed by them! Look (below) how they are sitting so still...there are bees all over the place and landing all over the kids, mind you...see peacefulness...I was standing on the side with the other parents about to take off running (and or/swat bees that kept landing then crawling across the netting on my face..this was of course "frowned upon" by the staff and I was given a "tsk, tsk" for shooing a bee away...)

What a long and busy (great) day!


  1. OMG!!!i wouldnt of been able to do tht. u r brave liss and reese...u r awesome girl..

  2. the horse farm must have been spectacular, i luv to see the horses and watch them perform. it looks like u guys had fun.