Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reese's dance clinic

So, lest you think Reese was scarred for life, the weekend of the "unfortunate turn of events" we had signed her up for an all day dance clinic on the base. We dropped her off at 9:30am and she stayed all day learning 3 different dances (a jazz, hip-hop and ballet) - they had a pizza lunch and then all of the kids performed for the parents what they'd learned at the end of the day (4:30pm).

Although this wasn't her regular dance class, but a base-wide function that the regular dance team opened up as a fund raiser to all the kids on the base, I could see how her regular Monday/Wednesday classes with Ms. Joy had been really paying off! Reese is becoming quite a graceful ballerina! And the function was a huge hit...they made about $2000 dollars! Which will be a huge help as we come up to the Spring show on May 21st!

So, here are some pictures of Reese dancing her little heart out with her friends at the end of a long day of dancing!

Way to Go, Boogie Bear! After the show, we celebrated with chinese food in Rota!

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  1. dance your heart out bby girl. u r the bestest little ballerina i know...and auntie dawn luvs U.