Friday, July 2, 2010

Father's Day!

Last Father's day, Johann was thousands of miles away in the Persian Gulf so it was a wonderful blessing to be able to be together as a family this Father's day.

The girls and I had been planning the whole month...

As school is out, Reese was now able to come with Rayna and I to the weekly reading program at the library. This week we read stories about Dads and made some Father's day arts and crafts to give him!

On Father's day morning the girls and I got up bright and early (in Spain that's 7ish) to prepare breakfast in bed!

And woke up Daddy to present him with our surprises - including his coveted new James Patterson book (which he read in one sitting on the plane to Bahrain the following week! - so glad he liked our gift!)

Then Daddy got to go play golf with our friend Eric (also celebrating Father's day) before heading down to Rota for Chinese food and Ice cream on the beach! Only in Spain!

Happy Father's Day Johann! God bless you!!!

You are awesome and we love and appreciate you for who you are and all that you do!


  1. im so glad to have a nephew as wonderful as u... I luv u Johann. it looks like u had a wonderful Father's Day, u defnitely deserve it.

  2. Jurae, I am glad you had a great Father's Day :-)