Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missoula Children's Theater

The Missoula Children's Theater Company was in Rota!!

They are a theater company from Missoula, Missouri who travel to military bases all over the world to put on plays for children. They come in on Monday and by Saturday, they put on a full length, musical production complete with sets, costumes and singing and dancing children! (Reese is in the front row on the far right end).

When I sat through the try outs on Monday, I was a little skeptical that they would be able to pull off a skit, let alone a full length play with all the wiggly, giggly kids, but...BOY was I in for a treat!

The production was of Pinnochio and Reese was cast as one of Geppeto's toys...a ballerina toy to be exact.

She was the leader of the pack of toys and the toys were featured 3 times during the story! All of the children did a WONDERFUL job. Everyone knew their lines, blocking, dance moves, they were all so funny and so, SO cute!

The only sad part was that they didn't allow pictures DURING the production...but we got some after the show!

And a huge thank you to our awesome friends who came out to support Reese in her first Spanish production!

After the show we went to one of our favorite restaurants Las Tinejas... Cheers to Reese's wonderful performance! (Don't worry, those are non-alcoholic dessert shots provided complimentary from the restaurant as a "Thank you for dining" customary in Spain.)

It was about 8pm when we got there and since the Spanish don't eat dinner until 10ish, you can see what a Spanish restaurant looks like at 8! LOL! Its nice for us Americans though, we never have to wait for a table!

And to top off a wonderful evening we all went to the Drive in (which didn't start until sunset (10:45pm). In the meanwhile, you can see all the kids playing at the playground in front of the screen as the parents get there early for good parking and await the sunset.

Good times with Great friends! Great Job Boogie Bear!

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