Friday, July 2, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Summer is here and the girls are taking swimming lessons on the base. The instructors are American college students majoring in Education, Child Development, etc. who applied to become 'Camp Adventure' instructors and are here for the summer, living on base and running different programs for the military families here in Rota. (There are Camp Adventure programs on military bases world-wide apparently)...

I digress...

R&R were thrilled to be taking lessons which are 4 days a week (Tuesdays - Fridays) at 5pm at the base Housing pool. (There are two pools on the indoor pool and the 'Housing' pool, so named because it is in the base Housing community. (duh)...

The instructors did a little song and dance on the first day of class to introduce themselves (and their alter egos - Miss Buttercup and Ms. Bubbles (they all chose Power Puff Girl names) and then the children took a swim assessment test.

Reese and Rayna were placed in different sessions of Level 1 where they would learn skills such as water safety, diving for objects under the water, floating on the back and of course swimming.

They have both completed their first session and are ready for session 2. In 2 weeks' time, Reese went from a non-swimmer to being able to SWIM underwater (see below - swimming to her teacher).

Rayna too has mastered the "Chicken, Airplane, Soldier" moves and is continuing to get more and more comfortable with her skills.

Another perk to swim lessons is that with their lessons, the whole family can swim for free!!! Hooray! Cause, it's getting hot!


  1. thats so wonderful.. it looks hot liss, so while they r having their lessons, u get to swim? awesome! tell my big girls have lots of fun and rayna im proud of her, and of course reese also, always...tell them i need them to learn evrything so when u guys come home, they can teach auntie Dawn. :-)

  2. r&r will love the clark's pool when they come back in state :-) i just signed payton up for swim class at cal state. our day sounds more like "I DON'T WANT TO SWIM". sorry, you need to learn pool safety. "I DON'T WANT TO GET MY FACE WET". sorry, that's part of being in the pool. "I'M NOT GOING TO LIKE IT." that's okay hun, you just need to learn how to swim. you don't have to like it. (remember how HHHHHHHARD i worked for this child). why can't it be easy LOL