Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Football Fever!!!

Spain won the World Cup!!!

The energy around here was crazy! Everyone had Spanish flags flying from their windows. Faces were painted yellow and red! There was nothing else on television except the games, commentary about the games, reruns of the games and predictions about the games.

And anytime Spain made a goal, we pressed MUTE on the TV to hear all the yelling and cheering from our neighbors! It was like being INSIDE the Staples Center during a Laker Game during the playoffs.

It is very warm in the evenings here so most people keep their doors and windows open, eat outside and entertain outside. When the big games are on, extended families and friends come together for late dinner, and extension cords are added to the televisions which are pulled outside and everyone watches the game from the backyard where its cool.

When Spain won the world cup, people were chanting and singing in the streets, cars honked out little tunes as they zoomed down the road, and fireworks exploded into the sky from all around the city.

As a result, R&R are very interested in soccer and Johann brought home this little game for them to practice with until the real soccer season begins for the kids in September!

Ray is making a great Goalie!

And Reese has a pretty good kick!

Even Zeke got in on the action!
Look out Mia Hamm!!!

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