Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer #13 - Chemo #2

The folks at Naval Station San Diego were awesome. I think inherently, all doctors and nurses working in oncology have an amazing compassion along with their expertise.  

I met with Dr. Gable and he listened to my medical history and I spoke with him about referring me to City of Hope, which made sense since San Diego was a 2 hour drive and City of Hope is a 10 minute drive.  He said he'd get the paperwork going immediately.  In the meanwhile, he oked my chemo for the day, and off I went to the infusion center. 

This room was about twice as big as the infusion room in Spain. But, set up the same way, with the big recliners around the room and lovely windows, letting in the sunlight.  I noticed the population in this room was markedly younger, but I'm sure that was due to the population of the Navy base.  Most were my age and there was a retiree or two also.  

My mom drove me down and got to sit with me in the room.  The room was equipped with wifi so I got to read my iBooks, and surf Facebook.  I think I posted something about finishing up another chemo and the responses from my friends were so encouraging and uplifting.  I still go back and reread them occasionally and am continually grateful for the support system I have, literally all over the world.  

We stopped at Carls Jr. on the way home and carbed out.  I remember my neighbor telling me that she gained 20 kilos during her chemo because not only do the steroids in the 2nd round of treatments cause you to gain, but the chemo itself makes you crave carbs and sweets.  Nice...not only do I get to be bald...but I get to be bald AND fat...Oh, lucky me! 

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