Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer Blog #8

January 30, 2012

I ended the last entry mentioning that everyone here was coughing...and that I was scheduled to begin chemo on Thursday...well, the cooties got me. 

I showed up for my chemo appointment at the clinic in Jerez and gave blood so they could see what my numbers were...My appointment was at 8:30 and when I went to see the Dr. for my consult before the chemo began, he let me know that according to my blood work, my white blood cell count was too low to begin chemo...

He said I must have a "beruz"...

Johann and I were like, WHAT?  I have a WHAT??? A BERUZ???  What is that?  So, he wrote it down...VIRUS...(ahhhh.... the subtleties of English/Spanish vocabulary!)  

Well, I was relieved to know that a "beruz" was just a virus and yes, I had been feeling a teeny bit like I had the smallest cold...itchy throat, bit of sneezing...

But, mostly, I felt like the turkey who is pardoned by the president on Thanksgiving day, because I tell you I was NOT, NOT, NOT ready for chemo...I was a nervous wreck. 

When he said, Sorry...let's see how you do after resting this week and we'll start chemo next week, I wanted to hug him!

So, this week, I am avoiding all contact with coughers...I've forbidden my darling daughters from drinking out of my cups.  And doing all I can to rest up and get ready, cause NOW, I'm ready. 

Bring on the chemo!  And thank God for knowing that I am a chicken sometimes and needed an extra week to prep.  

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