Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer Blog #7

January 21, 2012

Back in Spain.  Healing well from the surgery and enjoying my parents who have flown in.  Met with the Dr. here in Spain who referred me out to the Spanish oncologist.  (The hospital on base does not have an oncologist on staff, so we get sent to a local oncologist).  Dr. del Toro (Our Spanish oncologist) was very nice and I am set to begin chemotherapy on Thursday (1/26).  

I am thankful to also have my friend's cancer team at the top cancer center in America consulting with my recommended treatment and we are moving forward with my very aggressive regime.  

I also have my oncologist from Germany checking in and concurring with my RT!  

It is wonderful that I have so much medical support in addition to the the prayer covering and I am confident that the two are not mutually exclusive.  

In the meanwhile, I am trying to stay healthy as I go into chemo.  I understand that the drugs will lower my white blood count which will lower my immune system and make me more susceptible to illness.  Unfortunately, everyone around here is coughing...

Pray for ALL of our health in this household!

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