Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer #22 - Peach Fuzz and Reminiscing about the ER

September 8, 2012

Over the last two weeks, (about 2 months post end of Taxol/Abraxane), my eyelashes are back in full effect!!!, as are my eye brows (I even went for a wax yesterday!) and there is marked peach fuzz on my's about 1/4 inch all around and densely populated!  Super excited!!!

Also, as a side note, I was reading through the past journal entries and realized that I forgot to mention my ER visit.  Most of these posts have been written in reflection mode so forgetting details is often a result...but I want to document everything so that looking back, I remember all the details (and so, anyone reading this and wondering, would know) of what I went through this year...

So, here's the ER story:  I mentioned before about my adverse reaction to the Taxol chemotherapy...but what I didn't mention was that a few days later, I got severe chills and cuddled into the bed with tons of blankets and took a nap.  My husband came to check on me while i was sleeping and noticed (by touching my forehead) that I was SUPER HOT. So, he woke me up and took my temperature.  It was 103! 

I was convinced that it was just because I was under so many blankets and spent another 30 minutes lying under a fan, drinking cold water, placing cold towels on my forehead, trying to get my temperature did not budge...So, we called the City of Hope nurse line and they insisted we come in.  

It was about 9pm.  Long story short, I went in, they ran a bunch of tests and took an Xray of my chest to make sure I did not have an infection (I didn't) and then they gave me some tylenol and hydrated me with IVs, my temperature went down and we got home around midnight.  Much ado about nothing.  

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