Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer #15 - City of Hope

Finally my slides from Germany met up with my paperwork and City of Hope called to admit me just in time to keep up with my 4th dose dense blast of A/C and to schedule my appointment with my new oncologist..  I call her, "The Rockstar" because she's pretty reknown for her breast cancer research and I was counting on her to do her thing, still holding onto Dr. Harris, from Germany's goal of CURE. 

Unfortunately, my first meeting with the Rockstar left me a little disappointed.  I went in, kind of expecting a partner to kick cancers butt. However, when she walked into the room where my mom and I were waiting, the first thing she said was, "I'm VERY sorry to meet you. You are WAY too young to be here."  

CRAP.  I knew I was too young for cancer. But I didn't want to hear that from her!  

We spent the rest of the time recanting my medical history and going over the recommended treatment, which hadn't changed any...and then she sent me off to get my 4th and final round of A/C.  

Johann and Zeke arrived that weekend! Our little family was back together again, even though we'd been displaced and completely knocked off our feet.  The girls were happily adjusted in school, I was getting fantastic medical care and Johann was given an office 10 minutes from home.  God is incredibly gracious and in spite of it all I can see His handiwork, His care, His grace and His incredible love for all of us. 

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