Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer Blog #6

Our final days in Germany I went through a series of CT scans of all my vital organs, a Bone Scan and an MRI to rule out that cancer had gone anywhere else in my body.  The surgery confirmed that the cancer was stage 3A - based on the tumor size 2.7 and the number of affected lymph nodes 6 out of 19.  Praise God, all tests came back negative for metastasis (ie, the cancer has not spread to any other part of my body).  

The 3A staging was sobering news, but we know that God is not surprised by any of this, so we have comfort knowing that He is still in control.  And we were continually blessed by the professionalism and kindness of our medical team in Germany who provided us with all the information we needed to digest the information and the marching orders toward CURE (ie. treatment in the form of chemotherapy and radiation to be arranged when we got back to Spain). 

We flew back to Spain on Friday, January 6th and after being gone for 3 weeks were SO happy to be HOME!  We will meet with the medical team here in Rota tomorrow to get our referral to an oncologist here so we can move forward with treatment tomorrow!

Please keep those prayers going up on our behalf!

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