Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer #16 - Taxol and Herceptin and a Life Interrupted

Johann was back, so he got to meet the Rockstar at my next appointment.  It was also at this appointment that I moved into my 2nd round of treatment with the new drugs, Taxol and Herceptin.  The Taxol I would take weekly along with the Herceptin for 6 weeks and the Herceptin I would take weekly with the taxol for  weeks and THEN once done with the taxol, I'd keep taking Herceptin every 3 weeks for 1 year.  

Also, since Taxol is highly toxic, most people have severe allergic reactions to it.  So, not only do they give me an IV full of Benedryl in my premeds prior to infusion, but I have to take 10 (yes, TEN) steroid pills the night before I have the chemo - 5 pills 12 hours before and 5 more pills 6 hours before.  So, I was setting my alarm and waking up at 2am sometimes to take these pills...and yes, THESE are the dreaded steroids that make you blow up like a balloon.  

I digress...the side effects from these drugs were similar to what I experienced on the A/C but slightly worse. The Rockstar had to prescribe some pain pills for daily use just so I wouldn't be completely miserable all the time.  This was weird, since I HATE taking pills and here I was was having to take pain meds just to get out of bed.  

I feel like I lost most of May and June to the bed.  Thankfully the girls finished school and went into summer mode! 

I think it was the weekly treatments that did me in. But I still felt like, whatever it takes, I'll do.  I knew that this was going to be an uncomfortable time, but that it would be over and it would be worth it.  

At the same time, my girlfriend Venise and I began a Women's bible study group with some other women and we used Priscilla Shirer's study of Jonah, "Navigating an Interrupted Life".  This study couldn't have come at a more opportune time.  "An Interrupted Life" was certainly what I was experiencing.  The study was exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord, in regard to how I was seeing and experiencing my interruption and instead of looking at cancer as an entirely negative intrusion from God, repackaging the "interruption as a Divine Intervention, and looking at it as an opportunity to partner with Him in a work on my heart and in my life.  I'm so grateful for the many ways God has sent messages of Hope and encouragement to me throughout this journey.  

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