Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cancer Blog #3

Today I meet again with the oncologist and go to pre-op for the big day tomorrow.  Yesterday, I went to radiology for mammograms and ultrasounds of both breasts.  The right is free and clear! (Hooray!) The left is up to all kinds of shenanigans...In addition to the small tumor that was originally identified, another small one was discovered near the bottom and there is calcification of the tissue throughout.  So, a mastectomy was decided upon as the best way to move forward. 

In addition to the mastectomy, the surgeon will remove a sample of lymph nodes from underneath my arm to see if the cancer has spread to other locations.  If there is cancer in the lymph node sample, the Dr. will remove ALL of the lymph nodes on that side (they will get lab results while I am in surgery).  And we'll treat the metathesis with chemo or radiation when I get back to Spain.  

I will stay overnight tomorrow after the surgery and go home the following day.  

In addition to all our Dr. appointments, Johann, the girls and I have been able to explore this base here in Germany and all its American amenities!  There is a Macaroni Grill here, a Chili's!  (This is exciting news to a family who has been living out of the country for the past 2 years)...and we hear there is a 24 hour BREAKFAST diner on base!  This is really exciting news since the Spanish don't eat American breakfast and unless you make it yourself, there is no such thing as pancakes.  

We were also able to drive down to Heidelberg on Sunday afternoon. Germany is famous for it's Christmas markets and Heidelberg's was lovely!  So grateful for the memories and family time we are able to share here in spite of the circumstances!

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